Revoluzion Has a New dApp!

Revoluzion Ecosystem
4 min readApr 25, 2022

We mentioned in our previous article that we have not and will abandon any of our projects. Now it is time to unveil some of our work for Revoluzion.

Revoluzion is the governance token and our first project in the Defi space for those unfamiliar. It serves as the anchor of our ecosystem, which we are still developing.

coz tonight will be the night that I will fall for you

Here, you can see that our dApp has a new face, a much more pleasing look to the eye. From this Dashboard tab, you will be able to monitor the metrics of Revoluzion. As an example, you can see the Token Price, Dividends Distributed, Rewards Distributed, its Market Cap, etc.

Sweet sweet rewards

On our dApp, users can easily view their rewards. They will be able to see the amount of $RVZ they have, how much share they are receiving. They will also see their dividends, how many they have received throughout the time span of their $RVZ holdings.

The UX part we that we mentioned in our article before; we aim to not just add a flurry of features that would not help our community but add features to actually make their life easier.

Swap swap, and away!

Speaking of making life easier, one of the features is we added the Swap tab. Although it is “Coming Soon” based on the picture above, this feature is not far from its completion. It should not be long until our community can start swapping out their tokens quickly and efficiently.

My name, is Barry Allen…

We have also improved the speed of our dApp by eliminating unnecessary clutter in our codes. Server reliability was also improved in this process, evidently in the image above.

We promise we are not the “OTW” type of people and never arrive.

Updates are essential, and we actually pride ourselves on being able to deliver constant updates for our community. This ensures we consistently deliver what we say; making our community feel safe and secure might encourage them to tell other people about our projects.

Last but definitely not least, our Ecosystem and Contract tabs helps users to navigate easily between our projects. This will help increase exposure reasonably to all our projects by assisting users in getting notified on what we are building on our other projects swiftly with just a click of a button.

You can view the Smart Contracts that are associated with the project. These are critical because it enables our holders to see the transactions happening in real-time and they themselves can verify that there are no malicious activities taking place.

Have you read our other recent articles? Come on, reading is power! or was it the other thing?

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Author: HanETG