Doxed NFT Game: Apocalypse

Revoluzion Ecosystem
2 min readMar 22, 2022

Apocalypse NFT Game has landed! The team has set their eyes to be the best Play to Earn NFT game there is.

There has been much ambiguity when investing in cryptocurrencies for so many years. Apocalypse is setting a different standard. Coming straight from Malaysia, the team at Apocalypse have doxed themselves entirely, complete with their social links and face reveals of themselves.

The nostalgic Korean MMORPG, Helbreath, inspires Apocalypse. The game is influenced heavily by its heroic champions, monsters and weapons. For the OG players of Helbreath, they indeed will feel immediately at home with the artwork made at Apocalypse.

Apocalypse game is fully running on the Binance Smart Chain; security is their number one priority before any other aspect is considered. To ensure the security are genuinely advanced, they had hired multiple whitehats to infiltrate the entire 13 smart contracts of Apocalypse for the past month. Rest assured, we are in safe hands with zero infiltration success.

Revoluzion, or $RVZ, is a Defi token birthed from the same team and, as you might have guessed, will be the centre for everything that the team will come out with later. $RVZ is the token used to mint Apocalypse heroes.

Rewards for playing APOC is abundant. The math has shown in a very extensive whitepaper to be very profitable. Current rewards are set in BUSD for players every time they win. Total completion of 50 levels would generate up to approximately 15,000 BUSD worth in 3–4 months of playtime.

A tax system is implemented to maintain the reward pool; 7% is set for both buy and sell; this ensures that the reward pool never dries up and enables Apocalypse to run indefinitely throughout the years to come.

A very comprehensive whitepaper for Apocalypse is available on their website. It would be best to read it to see how vast the information on their game is.

The Telegram and Discord group is also great, with active mods, community members, and constant daily updates from the owner.

Author: HanETG