The APY Beast: Luzion Protocol

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6 min readApr 24, 2022

Who says thunder doesn’t strike twice in the same spot?! The Revoluzion team has struck again with their third project, Luzion Protocol! An APY beast with complex math proven to be sustainable, enjoyable, and secure!

$LZN reached $1+ ATH, and $3+ not long after that.

Luzion Protocol is the birth child from the same team from Revoluzion. While many think that Luzion Protocol is the most successful of the three projects released, we emphasize that we have not abandoned any of our projects.

Doxed team.

Before we proceed to discuss more on Luzion Protocol,

Revoluzion and Apocalypse have and will undergo changes. Features will be added to increase their utility direction. This ensures that our projects continue to serve our community better and grow incentives for holding the tokens or playing the game.

Revoluzion will have the following updates implemented:

  • Revoluzion Academy
  • Revoluzion Auditing Services

Apocalypse future updates:

  • More refined UI and UX
  • Adding new features (more info TBA)
  • Bug fixes

Revoluzion Academy is a free academy for new and experienced investors. Our effort is to help educate investors on how to read a Smart Contract, learn the differences, what are the red flags and even study the metrics on a PinkSale launchpad page.

Revoluzion Auditing Services will help make sure projects submitted to have a seal of approval from our world-class developer. Analyzing all the lines of codes, this service will have two types: a swift audit and the other an in-depth look at the Smart Contract, but both will not have any compromises on security, ensuring a safer and peace of mind investment.

Revoluzion Ecosystem.
This is a respective chart indeed, hovering steadily at the $2 mark.

Back to our dear Luzion Protocol, we are listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko! This is a big deal, especially now because they have tightened the requirements to get listed on their platforms. Due to the pseudo-anonymity of crypto, many scams have ripped money from their investors, leaving them speechless and worried for their future. We are not about that.

What an honor to be deemed trustworthy.

Our team has no problem submitting doxed documents, critical information, and any requirements needed to be listed. We aim to deliver a safe and secure environment for our investors, as you may have known.

Many similar (or just blatant copies) projects have burst into flames. Dipping down way faster than a Netflix stock and essentially leaving the projects worthless. Prior to and after ours, due to the unsustainable rebase math they have implemented. With incredibly ridiculous APYs and shady Smart Contracts. Anonymous teams, laughable token vesting periods, and incomplete token burning and buyback math; it’s a wonder why the average investor still expose themselves to such high risks. 383,125.80% APY like ours is not a tiny amount; fixed to 12 months is plenty of time for people to gain financial freedom. Here is why:

Other tokens offer 1 single reward, which is their own governance token. $LZN offers dual rewards both in $LZN and BUSD. Incentives like these ensure that, over time, investors will eventually receive their capital investments, making their remaining holdings of $LZN essentially an infinite possibility of extreme profits. Due to the nature of compounding interests, your $LZN growth is exponential rather than linear.

The importance of doing the right work.

Investors need not dump any $LZN to gain profit. They only have to wait until their capital gain is achieved in BUSD again, and their $LZN profit can just sit there and grow.

We offer a safe and secure investment for our users. Our Smart Contracts are audited and taxes are hardcoded. None of them run through any proxies to ensure investor’s safety and security. Staking does not require you to put your holdings into another Smart Contract reducing the risk of being hacked tremendously.

Audited by Cyberscope.

Our Auto Black Hole mechanism was created to counter the inflation of $LZN: 2% of all Luzion Protocol traded are burnt in Auto Black Hole. The more trades, the stronger the gravitational pull gets into the black hole causing the black hole to grow larger through self-fulfilling Auto-Compounding, reducing the circulating supply and keeping the Luzion Protocol stable.

Recent token burns for $LZN.

The other benefit to an everlasting burn of circulating supply is that the deflationary nature equates to a higher value of each Luzion Protocol token, increasing the individual value. The Black Hole also compounds the token in the black hole address.

Luzion Protocol Treasury Vault: The Treasury provides support to the LPDF (LP Dividend Fund) in an extreme price drop in the Luzion Protocol token. Luzion Protocol Treasury is also used for other marketing campaigns, ecosystem projects, future development, and insurance coverage, better known as ANTI-RUG.

Our dashboard displaying everything necessary.

The treasury functions as additional financial support for the ASPAR. This extra support can become important in an extreme price drop of the Luzion Protocol token or an unforeseen black-swan event. It helps to establish a floor value for the Luzion Protocol token. The treasury may also be used to fund new Luzion Protocol products, services, and projects that will expand and provide more value to the Luzion Protocol community and provide marketing funding.

New features are constantly being thought of and added.

We love to see our projects thrive and delivering on our promises is one of the ways that help it do so. We want to improve the user interface and user experience as best as possible. This is to ensure that our community has no problem when using our dapps, while also being pleasing to the eyes when viewed.

For all you compounding interest nuts out there, every EPOCH you are rewarded. An EPOCH is 15 minutes in the blockchain. So you are awarded 96 TIMES per day!

Hidden tip!

Use those BUSD rewards received, repurchase more LZN to increase your holding. By doing so, you gain much more LZN reflections in return. The more LZN reflections compounded, the more BUSD rewards you receive in return. Keep on repeating your way of financial freedom!

EPOCH 1–35,040: 0.02355% every EPOCH (First 12 Months)

EPOCH 35,041–52,560: 0.00211% every EPOCH (Next 6 months)

EPOCH 52,561–245,280: 0.00014% every EPOCH (Next 6.5 Years)

EPOCH 245,281: 0.00002% every EPOCH (In Perpetuity until max supply is reached)

Locked by PinkSale.

One more thing, this is really important. Our liquidity has been locked for 13 YEARS! If that is not HODL, I don’t know what is!

These are websites for your convenience; this is Not Financial Advice. Please DYOR by reading our documentation. Join our frequent Video AMAs, and ask our mods and community members in our Telegram chat. There are no silly questions.



Telegram and Discord links for all our projects are unified into one, continuously refined as we go. We encourage you to join and have a chat with us and our amazing community.

Author: HanETG