Luzion Protocol: 385,945.90% APY

Revoluzion Ecosystem
2 min readApr 9, 2022

Yes, you read that right.

Our team here at Revoluzion have come up with yet another exciting project! We are proud to announce our Luzion Protocol! A project that can substantially change people’s lives with an incredible passive income opportunity.

As you might know, we are also responsible for launching our other two projects, aptly named Revoluzion and Apocalypse.

Our team would be on the left if you didn’t know yet.

Our team continues to be the most transparent in the crypto sphere. Still doxed and growing in several team members, we remain one of the most secure projects to invest in.

Are you ready?

Other than our competitors being completely anonymous if anything happens, ours being a doxed project, you can safely invest and watch as your investment grows exponentially over time!

We always strive to be the best.

The information below basically explains on Long-term Interest Cycle or LIC. 385,945.90% APY is a complicated thing to maintain, so changes to it are made over a more extended period. 1 EPOCH is 15 minutes.

EPOCH 1–35,040: 0.02355% every EPOCH (First 12 Months)

EPOCH 35,041–52,560: 0.00211% every EPOCH (Next 6 months)

EPOCH 52,561–245,280: 0.00014% every EPOCH (Next 6.5 Years)

EPOCH 245,281: 0.00002% every EPOCH (In Perpetuity until max supply is reached)

We will be using the Fair-Launch system, where everyone can acquire LZN tokens in an equal distribution via the PinkSale platform.

Fair Launch — There is no whitelisting required. Everybody will have an equal chance to buy Luzion Protocol tokens on PinkSale at release time. Once our soft cap is reached, there will be no turning back or cancelling the fair launch; Luzion Protocol would be 100% listed on PancakeSwap. There would be no HardCap or minimum buy / maximum buy; everyone would be able to contribute as many BNB as they wish.

Links for your convenience: Luzion, Revoluzion, Apocalypse, and our Telegram are unified into one. Feel free to ask us any questions in our regular Video AMA and chat with our mods.

Author: HanETG