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4 min readJun 17, 2022


A little too dramatic there Han

I love these clickbait titles but it is just to get you here, did it work? Look, I promise there is a substance in this writing, hang on.

The whole crypto market saw a euphoric rise into the trillion-dollar cap and now we see it below the benchmark. Does this mean it is the end? Of course not. Bitcoin has been declared dead so many times it is hilarious.

There is no definitive way of pointing the finger at the cause of this downtrend. There are always multiple factors that have resulted in this. Excessive printing of fiat, world economy, international relations, supply disruptions, etc. Even an egotist algorithmic token owner may spark the fire.

Some may argue that Bitcoin has never faced a recession but of course, there are these die-hard fans of Bitcoin who refuses the fact. This will be a true test for Bitcoin in its store of value promise. We as a whole, do believe it will.

During a bear market, most projects will die off and never recover. This has been evident in previous years as many of them failed to sustain and recover from the downtrend. Due to its volatility, the crypto industry is actually a brutal business to be in. While also promises ridiculous returns in the long run and this is the main reason why the majority of sustainable, legitimate, continuous development projects will prevail.

Enter, Revoluzion ecosystem. While we would love to always promote our projects, these are mere facts and they cannot be farther than the truth.

Luzion Protocol holding its own during these recent nuking

Luzion Protocol remains strong in this choppy season and even had a brief rally while everyone was panicking. Our protocol is a tried and true protocol made for you to survive any market conditions.

It has been seen that bear markets tend to last shorter than their previous cycle. While other projects continue to scurry, we continue to develop. This has been our goal from the start and it was a promise to all our investors we made.

Our Apocalypse NFT game continues to be absolutely playable. Recently getting new updates, if you don’t have the time here is a brief, we still suggest you watch the video for better explanations.

Apocalypse future updates:

  • PVP Feature and PVE updates
  • Refined UI and UX
  • Adding new features (more info TBA)
  • Bug fixes and more

Revoluzion itself, being the center of it all will have an amazing utility update in the near future. We are dead set to turn this into reality as we believe it will bring further true value to our holders. This will solidify our future in the industry in the long run.

Revoluzion will have the following updates implemented:

  • Revoluzion Academy
  • Revoluzion Auditing Services

Revoluzion Academy is a free academy for new and experienced investors. Our effort is to help educate investors on how to read a Smart Contract, learn the differences, what are the red flags and even study the metrics on a PinkSale launchpad page.

Revoluzion Auditing Services will help make sure projects submitted have a seal of approval from our world-class developer. Analyzing all the lines of codes, this service will have two types: a swift audit and the other an in-depth look at the Smart Contract, but both will not have any compromises on security, ensuring a safer and peace of mind investment.

These are websites for your convenience; this is Not Financial Advice. Please DYOR by reading our documentation. Join our frequent Video AMAs, and ask our mods and community members in our Telegram chat. There are no silly questions.



Telegram and Discord links for all our projects are unified into one, continuously refined as we go. We encourage you to join and have a chat with us and our amazing community.

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