The Clock Is Ticking

Revoluzion Ecosystem
2 min readFeb 11, 2022

The devlopment of Apocalypse is ramping up, Zack and Nizar are fast at work making sure that all the essentials are complete in time for our Pinksale launch this 28th February 2022.

Revoluzion and Apocalypse under one umbrella

I mentioned in our previous post that making sure that the sustainability of our Play To Earn NFT game, Apocalypse is of utmost concern aside from its surefire safety and security. Which is why Zack had pulled many an all nighters to ensure that the math for the game is correct.

Making sure that the reward pool doesn’t ever dry up is a big concern. That is why limitations on cashing out had to be implemented to ensure that by the end of the day, everyone gets to cash out.

Weapons have upgradability, rarity and a chance of depletion. The higher the level of the weapon, the easier you can get through a level.

There is much to talk about Apocalypse and it will not fit this article. Which is why there is a lengthy 96 page, Apocalypse whitepaper here — Which I also asked Zack if its too much, but he argued that people might like in depth info served right away, in which I also now agree.

Some characters and mob creations, there are many more in the whitepaper.
Of course the last one is a joke, or is it?

This weekend the team will have another in person meeting, and another week as well nearing the launch just to discuss, decide and finalize on the finality of Apocalypse.

We are truly thankful to our community for supporting this humble project of ours and we hope to continue to provide the best for them.

Be sure to reserve your whitelist spot here!

Stay safe, take life easy, and till next time, cheers.

Author: HanETG