The APY Beast: Luzion Protocol

$LZN reached $1+ ATH, and $3+ not long after that.
Doxed team.
  • Revoluzion Academy
  • Revoluzion Auditing Services
  • More refined UI and UX
  • Adding new features (more info TBA)
  • Bug fixes
Revoluzion Ecosystem.
This is a respective chart indeed, hovering steadily at the $2 mark.
What an honor to be deemed trustworthy.
The importance of doing the right work.
Audited by Cyberscope.
Recent token burns for $LZN.
Our dashboard displaying everything necessary.
New features are constantly being thought of and added.
Locked by PinkSale.



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Revoluzion Token

Revoluzion Token


Future ecosystem development would include swap/dex system with chart integration, Portfolio viewer, dex buy/sell order and web base P2E NFT game Apocalypse