Luzion Protocol Rally: $1 ATH

Investors would enjoy a nice chart like this, as with any crypto project. Last night Luzion Protocol reached new heights of the $1 ATH, but people forget it did not even reach the 500k market cap.

We are clear on our path with goals set. The Revoluzion ecosystem is growing, and you with it. For those who are not familiar yet:

The ASPAR Auto-Staking Protocol and Auto-Reflection feature is a simple yet cutting-edge function called Buy-Hold-Earn, that provides the ultimate ease of use for Luzion Protocol holders.

Buy-Hold-Earn :

  • You earn rebase rewards as interest payments directly into your wallet by simply buying and holding the Luzion Protocol token in Luzion Protocol token in your wallet; you earn rebase rewards as interest payments directly into your wallet. Your tokens will increase every 15 minutes.
  • Get your BUSD rewards reflected every hour directly into your wallet.
  • The more tokens the holder holds, the more tokens are accumulated over time.
  • The holder holds more tokens, and more BUSD rewards are reflected over time.

Using a Positive Rebase formula, Luzion Protocol makes it possible for token distribution to be paid directly proportional to the epoch rebase rewards, worth 0.02355% every 15-minute epoch period of the total amount of Luzion Protocol tokens held in your wallet. The rebase rewards are distributed on each EPOCH (15-minute rebase period) to all Luzion Protocol holders.

As mentioned above, the rally is not done yet. We are holding more contests and lining up more marketing. Everything is falling into place. Not to mention our community was steadfast holding after our ATH yesterday.

We are expecting more exciting days to come, and mind you, we have not yet listed on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko.

So what are you waiting for? Start your 385,945.90% APY passive income journey here!

Author: HanETG



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Revoluzion Token

Revoluzion Token


Future ecosystem development would include swap/dex system with chart integration, Portfolio viewer, dex buy/sell order and web base P2E NFT game Apocalypse