Eid 2022: Luzion Protocol Grows to 1000+ Holders

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4 min readMay 3, 2022



Eid Mubarak, everyone! Luzion Protocol grows to 1193 holders and inching closer to $3! A feat that proves difficult when the market seems to be more gloomish than ever. Let me ask you, how do you feel today?

Oversimplified, but same meaning.

That is the point of investing. To ignore the short term and broaden your long term view has made many humans achieve financial freedom or, the more caveman term, rich.

Keep building and improving

Our Revoluzion Ecosystem aims to create a safe haven when investing. To ride throughout the market’s storm and reach a point where the market sentiment climbs back to the top. At that point, it is easy for the “perma-bulls” to claim they have been calling the bottom since forever, do not fall for those types of social media influencers. Though, that is another story for another time.

Building an ecosystem like ours is a big task to take on. One that requires years, but the first step is to make sure everything we create is solid. Our talented developer Nizar has made sure of that, and who knows, maybe one day, our own blockchain?

Our Smart Contracts; are built from the ground up. Some codes may be similar to others, but you can say that exact sentence for any project. What differentiates us from others is that the overall sheet is not a copy of any. Building from scratch enables our developers to be more precise in analyzing the security of our smart contracts, one that many projects have failed to do so when the time comes for them to explain their projects.

Most handsome is top right, writing this piece.

True transparency; 100% we are all doxed. How is this possible? That is relatively easy. We build our projects long-term. Fact is, our liquidity is locked for 13 years, which is a very long time. This ensures trust is always present. Being doxed adds an incredible amount of security as well in the crypto sphere. Our team is comprised of some fantastic local talent coming from Malaysia.

Zack, our founder, has been in the crypto space for years. He has run many businesses as well outside of the space. Not to mention at one point, he was a streamer for Facebook in its Partner program a few years back and had a social following of 81,000 followers on Facebook. Zack had also been mining Ethereum since it was ridiculously cheap. Building a business comes almost naturally for Zack, as he delegates tasks professionally throughout his team. This reflects well as the team executes work efficiently and professionally from front to end.

You can view the rest of the team members of Revoluzion on our webpages “team” section, where you can click on their links and do your research.

Luzion Protocol is made for those looking for financial freedom. For the long-term investors seeking exponential growth. We continue to grow while the market drags downwards. I am looking at you $BTC.

So what is next? We are only entering the second quarter of 2022. The whole market sentiment is a little gloomy in and out of crypto, but here at Revoluzion, we always believe in “Keep building and improving no matter what” and we will can ride through any storm the market gives us.

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Author: HanETG