CoinMarketCap: A Listing Curse?

Revoluzion Ecosystem
3 min readApr 29, 2022

Well, of course not, but I did get you to click, didn’t I?

The point is, “in your face” sort of marketing image.

It just hurts to see this when you see a token getting listed on CoinMarketCap, and you know the price pumps high. Then, disaster strikes.

This Squid Game token, oof that hurts.

These so-called “developers” or “founders” have barely gone through any KYC. Though the point of decentralization is the anonymity and freedom of moving money, we are still in a phase where it is still pseudo-anonymous. This is not helpful because reading a Smart Contract requires a basic level of knowledge, knowing what the commands are for and how it works, resulting in so many investors getting “rug pulled”.

In case you didn’t know what getting rug pulled means, basically, you put your money to something or someone that you trust, they take it, and they just run away with it. Leaving you ripped off your money and usually, speechless.

Doxed team. Ramadan is almost over, Eid is near.

This is why we emphasize us being a doxed team. This adds a strong level of security to this uncertain space we call the crypto sphere. Not to mention we build our Smart Contracts from scratch. This is done by our excellent developer Nizar.

Usually, what follows after a listing is a massive dump. Luzion Protocol was listed on CMC on 20th April 2022. This, of course, resulted in a substantial pump in the price, and people had already expected the price to dump heavily after the fact.


This did not happen. Although a slight dip occurred from $3.69, we are still holding strong above the $2 range. Our community understands the potential that we are building with our Revoluzion Ecosystem. First and foremost, we focus on safety and security.

CoinMarketCap has recently tightened its requirements for listing a project. One that has curbed so many scammy projects from getting listed. This is a much-welcomed change as it shines more opportunity for honest projects to keep building their brand and is a big win for the minority in the crypto sphere.

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Author: HanETG