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These days you are bombarded with a plethora of NFT games. Left-right and centre, there are so many games for you to choose from, but the question remains, are they developing those that they promised?

I will say that that’s a no because I am an active investor and always on the hunt for what’s new. More often than not, I always find myself in projects that say they are working on their game, but actually, they are not.

Zack explained the changes in our Telegram Group.

Our NFT game Apocalypse has gone through multiple iterations for its game settings. We do honestly admit that it was not a smooth start, but our team is dedicated to making the game feasible and enjoyable for everyone.

This is what separates us from the rest. Being a doxed team means having no excuse but human stamina to keep working on our project.

Current changes to our game:

· We have removed the 10% tax when claiming your rewards.

· Taxation for levelling up has been set to 25%.

· We have standardised the weapon, wand, and shield upgrade rate to be equivalent to 10 BUSD payable in APOC regardless of the items level.

· Weapon, wand, and shield Endurance repair cost have been reduced from 10BUSD to the equivalent to 5 BUSD payable in APOC.

· Character Health Points (HP) are now set to recover 1HP every 36 seconds when equipped.

· Weapons, wands and shields have a DELETION chance during upgrades starting from level 1. Meaning if you upgrade your item, there is a slight chance that the item is burned. Items are not destroyed during fights.

· Maximum reward withdrawal limit of 5 BUSD per day until we are assured that there are no bugs or exploits. We will increase this limit once we verify that there are no exploits. Do not be alarmed; your rewards are accurately tracked and stored in the contract!

Game Optimizations:

· We have re-deployed the Weapon, Shield, Mediator, and updated Game Smart Contracts.

· dApp page optimisations for the Recruit, Craft, and Fight pages are now complete for mobile devices.

· Inventory, Marketplace, Upgrade, and Dashboard page optimisations are expected to be completed by March 21st.

· We will continue to release minor updates to the current dApp every day, but the full V3 dApp release is expected to be complete and deployed by March 21st.

We have also made some changes with the mediator, and Zack himself has done complete, in-depth explanations in our Telegram group.

Here are Video AMA links for your convenience:

Debugging Updates —

Level Up and Repair —

As always, feel free to present questions in our Telegram group. Until next time, cheers!

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